Online Poker Beginner Guide

A specialized guide for those who like to approach life in a smart way, including playing poker online.

Poker, already a popular game, keeps growing in its popularity, with old tournaments continuing year after year and new ones appearing and attracting new players and followers. New online services keep opening and the old ones keep expanding their functionality.

The question is, can an average man, without specialized knowledge or experience enjoy playing poker online, and how long will it take for him to stop consistently losing?

Here at Smart Gambling Club we want to help you gamble in the smartest way possible, plus our partners offer online poker, so let's find out how not to get rekt.

What is Poker?

Let’s start with the basics. First of all, Poker is a truly American national game, whether people like it or not. There are many poker tournaments of various prestige and scale. Professional poker players earn good money. Poker is also considered to be gambling, however many argue that it is better classified as sport, since success in Poker depends on a player’s skill more than on luck.

Starting to learn poker, new players should get familiar with 2 main aspects of the game:

- get the best possible poker combo
- win the bets

Yes, that simple. However we need to go deeper.

Terminology and jargon

Poker terms and jargon pose some difficulty for beginners. They are not easy to learn right away, especially if you’re playing by yourself at home. But they are easily learned while playing the game with others. There isn’t that many of them, but you have to know and understand them all.

The whole list of terms can be found in special literature and on the internet. Any blanks in this knowledge may lead to loss. It is easier to learn the meanings of the terms if you’re encountering them frequently, which is why talking to people to also like poker is a great idea. You have to understand — a lot of people play poker, and they come from all walks of life.

Eventually you need to learn and understand all these terms in order to get the most out of online poker.

A link to the comprehensive list.

Poker Rules and Combinations

A good grasp of the rules is a basis for playing well. So before practicing you need to learn them. The main aspect of poker theory is knowledge of existing combinations. If you only have a shallow idea of the rules, which is how most novices roll, it is impossible to develop a consistent strategy and understand what exactly your opponents are doing. An important factor of success in poker is to combine practicing with learning theory. We at Smart gambling Club believe that as a complete beginner you should start practicing at the tables with no real money to bet. This eliminates an important component of the game, which is the thrill of the stakes, but it allows you to get more comfortable playing poker online.

Common Mistakes

Among common rookie mistakes there is a tendency for new players to participate in as many hands as possible. The reason for this behavior is complete lack of experience and a very understandable desire to play.

Another problem is lack of a distinct vision of the game. In this case the turns are not thought our but are made impulsively, under the influence of the moment. The player is nervously awaiting for the right cards to arrive.

Such players go by the principle “if player X is aggressive, he has a strong combo”.

It is also important to learn how to appropriately choose how much you should bet. It is common among the newbies to bet 5 times the blind bet. Such behavior is irrational, since in that case you can bet once or twice only. Remember: each bet must minimize the posses and maximize the gains.

To avoid rookie mistakes a player must, well, play and get more experience. It is impossible to learn to play poker well fast. At the time, you will grow your skills considerably with practice. A free crash course can only help at the very beginning.

ABC Poker

Many poker sites, trainers and schools offer ready-made strategies to jump start your poker career. One of the most well known is ABC poker. The essence of its method is to play according to basic recommendations, in other words “by the book”.

The recommendations include favoring tight style (exclusively playing high potential hands), using ready-made solutions (demonstrated in many tables and charts), the importance of aggression as expressed in high stakes and Reraises, given the aforementioned strong hands.

How to win in online poker?

All or most novices dream of consistently winning in online poker, however this is impossible. Even professionals lose in poker and radily admit to it. Such is the nature of the game: learn to minimize losses first and maximize gains second. So how do you play better?

Play more aggressively – often a more active player collects higher bank
Be patient. Even (or especially) if playing aggressively you need to keep your mental state stable and sharp
Watch your opponents. Poker is all about observation. Take note of their actions and you will see through their tactics, which will inform your own strategy.
Analyze your games. That will allow you to see your mistakes and learn from them.
Practice in various environments and circumstances. This is the most important advice that can be given. Losses, especially in the beginning, are inevitable. But it does not mean you cannot enjoy the ride!

So to sum it all up: yes, it is indeed possible to learn to play online poker from scratch all by yourself, however it'll take some patience and practice until you are rewarded in money.

But most of us just want to have some fun.

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